chevrolet white impala
The accident

Frank had rented this car, a white convertible Impala, he was very proud to be seen cruising down the streets. He had on a hat, naturally -- the missus had warned him often enough. And then there was his sister who had those moles removed from her back. Yup, he made sure he was lathered up real good with that sunblock -- 30 spf -- no less. Only the best for Frank.


He was on his way back to the motel. He'd been looking around at the stores in the area. The drugstore, the hardware store, the lamp store. He'd had a real good time. He glanced at the billboard in front of him -- flipping back and forth between McDonald's and some kind of perfume -- while he waited for the light to turn. At last, green. He revved up the engine for a bit of fun, and tore across the road. Unfortunately, a dark-blue sedan (dark blue in Florida -- what are they thinking!) didn't notice the light shifting hue, the driver also wearing newfangled shades, which made colour-vision a tad difficult. Next thing you know, no more Frank. No more Impala. No more blue sedan.

He died happy they say.