1st row:Britanny, Heather, Judith
(not shown: Esther, Kathleen, Margaret, Madeleine, Dr. Roberts)
2nd row: (not shown: Susannah, Eileen, Mary, Adelaide, June, Eloise, Helen, Susan, Martha)

Britanny: Born 1901, Boston, USA
Died 1943, bombing, overseas
Profession: Nurse
Marital Status: Single
Born 1900, Toronto, ON
Died 1976, Toronto, On
Martial Status: Divorced
Judith Born ~1899, Boston, USA Presumed Dead, 1942, bombing overseas Profession: Nurse
Marital Status: Single.

Britanny was the impish one. She led Heather and Judith, both decent protestant girls into all kinds of mischief. Her eyes told all. Her da was an alcholic. But that was not the ordeal. Her ma accepted this. Enabled, they call it now.