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This morning I went to a cafe* near my apartment and ordered a cup of coffee and a muffin. A fairly straightforward request, but, I confess, I did ask that she top the coffee up because I don't take milk. So I get my huge muffin, thus blowing all the calories I burned in the semi-vigorous walk to the coffee shop, and my coffee, and it's got a hug gap -- a couple of cms (1/2") at least! It's not like those double-skim-no-sprinkles lattes orders that do in fact tax the brain's memory reserves. No, I just wanted more coffee, no milk.

Do I complain? Yah right. I can see the girl is clearly stressing. But I do enjoy the simmering moments of complaint on my increasingly vigorous walk home -- while I attempt to calculate the cost of all the milk I don't use that I'm saving the coffee shop, not to mention the coffee they're not topping up my cup with. Alas, my cup doesn't runneth over.

The sun breaks through the cloud cover. I sprint the stairs, hoping for 10 more calories.

With great restraint, I refrain naturally from naming names

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