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Surely a post here is long overdue, but I'm currently in a state of living up to my namesake. Not entirely of course, there are sunny moments and gales of laughter, but there's a part of me that is deep down to the core fatigued and only wants to kvetch, and who wants to read about that, eh?

Until I get my groove back, I direct you to a little white lie, by Oblivio.... hmm, I just went to find the link to the story, about a woman who is 41 and says she's 35 and how that kind of escalates into an inner dialogue wondering when it is that you cross that boundary and confess that you've fibbed about something so basic...etc etc... and now the story is gone. It makes me wonder, was it, in fact, not a story, but something that did happen to him, and then the woman in question complained, or kvetched, or whined, and he removed it, or did he decide it wasn't such a good story after all? Oh well, go read his other stuff.


Etch-A-Sketch online.etch a sketch Let your creativity go wild.


I wrote the Techno post without posting it till now. I wonder what the protocol around posting is? Is there a protocol for postings posts? Should one keep the date for writing the post or for posting the post?

I want this story to turn out differently. It's the first site whose archives I have read in full. Sure, I skimmed over a couple of details about the specific nutrients consumed, but other than that, I read it all. She's a funny and talented gal, somewhat in the Bridget Jones style of life, and she deserves more. I think MLG is lame. And this it what proves it:
"I've promised myself that I wouldn't discuss my impatience regarding "engagement" until at least 6 months but MLG said something yesterday like, "in a year from now when we're engaged," and I have to physically catch myself and not say something like, "A whole year. From now. I was thinking like next Tuesday."
and also neatly demonstrates her quirky sense of humour. Actually, I was thinking of something else I read about how she was moving out of her fabulous apartment, without a commitment, because she loved the house, and I couldn't find the quote (hey, I'm curious, not obsessive), and found one instead, that really, is more brilliant. Good Luck Dietchick. You rock.


[ Techno Goofs ]

"We have detected that you are using a Macintosh with Internet Explorer as your browser. We are sorry but IE does not currently support Flash Scripting. Please use Netscape."

You have, have you? That's because I've got the Flash player 6, not 5 installed, you dummies. This kind of irritating text ticks me off. Not sure why, but the language reeks to me of some tech guy. Why do they need to put some lousy detection code into their site in the first place? And secondly, why does the language have to be so holier than thou? Grrr. And this is from a multi-media company.


snakes at the zoo
[ lonely snakes ]

There's this cut on my head that is worrisome. I just noticed it combing my hair. The reason I'm worried is that I was away in the tropics and there's this niggling doubt that perhaps something weird buried itself in my scalp.... of course, I also bathed in the sea here yesterday, and there were none too pleasant little bits of debris floating around...

fat feet at the beach[ Mosquitoes ]

Not sure if I have more or less than the 32 bites I did last time, but there was a mosquito on the plane on the way home who didn't go hungry. My auntie M. is always teasing me that I go around with my own personal mosquitoes, so I was a tad wide-eyed when I saw this one flying around the plane. And sure enough, he chomped away at the back of my knee, my ankle, and elbow. And when we had the stopover in Toronto, a 3 hour delay at the dysfunctional Terminal 1, I spotted yet another mosquito floating around. He got me too.

view of building


I voted. Limping to the polling station, because last week, in a supreme act of klutziness, I sprained my ankle. Actually, the physiotherapist has backed up my pet theory that the arch/heel supports I bought for my plantar faciitis contributed to the accident, thus making it less klutzy to have fallen off the sidewalk.

The party I voted for last time isn't running a candidate in my district this time, so I voted for someone I'm not sure is a woman or a man. Their first name is one of those tricky ones. But I like the party well enough I suppose, so they got my vote, gender neutral or not.

[Note: photos of stuff mentioned below to follow. No camera right now ]



a.k.a Clutter. The pack-rat tendencies I hoard are being squeezed out of existence, as I embrace a new unburdened enlightened me. Ha! Actually, I have recently cleared out 1/2 my locker and had a garage sale ($300) and now I'm debating about putting stuff up on the ubiquitous auction site. Two points about their privacy policy, however, do not mesh well with the paranoid within. "Therefore, you should not expect that all of your personal information will be completely removed from our databases in response to your requests.....Therefore, although we use industry standard practices to protect your privacy, we do not promise, and you should not expect, that your personal information or private communications will always remain private." Why not I wonder?

This is why the traditional garage sale works for me. No need for lemonade, just friendly, more or less anonymous exchanges, and mild haggling, and you walk away happy with my junk.

To see if some of my stuff was worth anything, and to gawk at what everyone else had, I went to the new Canadian Antiques RoadShow. The Cdn version was pretty neat, but the wide open spaces seen on the BBC version were missing. Not that we have castles here, but it could have been a bit roomier. There was pretty slim space for the audience, as it was held at the library. Was it worth the almost 3 hour wait in line?

Turns out my stuff isn't too shabby, but there weren't any screeches of joy moments. An old wooden plane is older than I thought, 1880s and is worth $60. A turkish coffeepot is 19thC, a blend of Islamic and Western design, has some gilding on it, is made of pewter. Value: ~ $125. Some earrings from the boy were worth $500! A small watercolour is $200-250 auction value. Now I wonder if that auction value would hold true on said auction site?

Anyone want to buy an old wooden plane :)?


not actual representation

How I spent my Monday evening.
Watching Venus transit the Sun. The webcast was on the one hand, about as exciting as watching paint dry. Jittery, slow, broken up video feed, and what not. On the other, it was immensely satisfying knowing that this event, which hasn't occured since 1882, is something I'm watching on the web. Almost restores that faith in ye ole superhighway.

[ It got better when I realised I could make the viewer fill my screen, and all that was lacking was a glass of champagne to celebrate the moment ]


venus transit

Venus Transits the Sun

Watch the webcast @ 10pm PST


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