crankygirl | today's little sigh

[When I woke up this morning, you were on my mind]

I confess -- I'm a Buffy fan. At first, when I heard the name of the show, I thought "hmm, stupid name". Then it caught my curiousity, and one day I watched Buffy in action. It was so so, I didn't really get it, even though I'm a long-time vampire stories fan. Naturally, I watched another show. And then another, and another, and then recently I found out there's all kinds of re-runs on, so I can catch up on the various relationships and histories.

Next thing you know, I'm hooked.

But tonight's episode was really sad. I'm think Zander should have married Anya (sp?). Although I did like the thought of her becoming a powerful vengeance demon again. You go girl!

Buffy patiently waiting