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Buffy is about to kick some serious butt and save the world again. Now she has three flunkies, no wait -- one was toasted -- two brits to assist with this pesky task.

someday....i will feel a glow just thinking of you

Above is a sampling of images I plan to use someday. That elusive someday.


Been neglecting this site. Not for lack of arcana, but the usual suspect, time.

airportRecent visit to Ottawa. Airport is significantly cozier than LAX in Los Angeles, where I was treated to the joys of a constant voice booming over the loudspeaker in various languages a myriad of instructions and information. Such as to not give money to panhandlers. They had a fancy way of saying it, but essentially that's the message. It's a non-stop big-brother recording (all muffled just enough so as to be unintelligible) that interferes with your ability to navigate an already confusing layout. In contrast, Ottawa was a welcoming and quiet.
Weather in Capital City: Cold, snowy with wasteful amounts of salt poured on sidewalks and streets, producing caustic slush. Once again affirming that decision to live in more temperate climate is correct one, despite the rain.


minor changes made to this redunant category, otherwise nothing to record


Was away in Los Angeles. Stayed at uber-swank hotel at reduced rate, but still way too much due to pathetic exchange rate. Hotel staff semi-obnoxious punks. Cool design of sticker holding toilet paper roll together though.

Someone found this site by typing in cactus and novel. I'm not sure where I mention that...but in the unlikely event someone is once again looking for catcii and novels, now they have something to find.

novel about cactii


"There appears to be a problem on this page: <> When you click on your link to: <> you get the error: 404 File not found We last last examined your page on Mon Oct 07, 2002 at 04:28:05 AM EDT. If your page has not been updated since Mon Oct 07, 2002 at 04:28:05 AM EDT, this link is most likely currently broken.

Fixed. Thank you Robot Guidelines.

The season premiere of Buffy was disappointing. How could it not be anti-climactic? I thought Spike going mad was only slightly clever, a trope they've used already with Angel. Oh, and the hellmouth is preparing to open. Again. And Buffy becoming a guidance counsellor at her old re-vamped school? Lame. Episode 2 teased me back into the fold. I think because I like Anya expressing her vengeance demon side.


"I understand the reason why
you're sentimental 'cause so am I
It's delightful, it's delicious, it's delovely"
- Cole Porter, Sarah Vaughn delivers

This is brilliant


"Love is a shoestring
Any way you tie it may become undone" -- Lena Horne

A big car accident just happened outside. It seems as though one of the drivers took off. I was just about to write about last night's Buffy season premiere episode. Which seems a touch trivial right now. I've been hit by a car before, so the sound is quite evocative. It makes a heck of a lot of noise.


:: Techno Men ::

I hear these women raving 'bout their monkey men
About their cheating husbands and their no good friends
These poor women sit around all day and moan
Wondering why their wandering papa's don't come home
But wild women don't worry, wild women don't have no blues
- Ida Cox

My aunt's birthday was yesterday. I didn't send a card.

Recently, on one of the many lists I am signed up for, I've noticed a distinct shift in tone. Partly I think this is because I receive the digest version (the volume of emails was too much) and so it allows for a broader perspective on the threads of conversation going on. Partly it's because a bunch of guys have signed up for it.

The list is ostensibly for women in the tech-field, who run the gamut from neophyte to expert. There is no (obviously) restriction to it being only for women (nor did I think there should have been), but since all the guys have joined, I've noticed this metamphorosis.

Should I write the listmeister and complain? Normally I don't bother any more pointing out these gender issues. It's important to pick one's battles well. But this did seem to be an easy target.

Yours warmly,


"If the phone rings I might answer
I might go if he knocks on my door
But my heart is such a dancer
I can never really be sure"
- Lena Horne

rabbits bunnies trickstersDoing research on trickster figures.

Like the rabbit. Mr. Brer. The bunny. Compère lapin.

I'd really like to know how to make those permanent links that most blogs have. Is it necessary to have moveable type or somesuch php thingamjing installed? Or is there some ordinary, simple way to do this that I can implement like now? If you know, please do tell.


"Worry all day, I worry all night
Every time my man comes home, he wants to fuss and fight
When I pick up the paper to read the news
just as I'm satisfied, yonder come those blues"
- Ma Rainey

I found out that an artist I once knew died. We were in a show together less than two years ago. I found out about it on a web site. Which both increased the shock and gave it an extra sense of pathos. Not to mention that she was only 37 and has children.

It's the third time I've been informed of someone's death through the internet. The other two times were via email. Both were for people I didn't know that well. The posting of their death to a group email felt somehow like a violation of their privacy, and I wondered about the folks who had known them really well, and how shocking it would have been to find out in an email that your friend was gone.

Tuesday, late afternoon

Tomorrow is the 11th. I saw a show on some of the survivors of 9/11. Still very moving and hard to watch.

to do listToday I organized all the undone tasks into a massive to-do list and started to do a few of them. Checking them off provides immense satisfaction, but it's tricky to avoid that sensation that the list is off breeding in your absence.

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