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[did anya (anyanka?) take sufficient revenge on Zander by boffing Spike? Why is Zander so revolted by Spike?]

Today's topic will focus on the subject of pleasure.

I just finished eating two divinely ripe cherry tomatoes. They were sweet and succulent. I bought them at the market, overpriced and all.

First I noticed this girl with very curly hair, falling around her face in fat Shirley Temple ringlets. (I was wondering how come my hair rarely does that -- it is curly, but usually remains in the frizzy domain) She was eyeing the cherry tomatoes, on the vine, wrapped in one of those red plastic mesh bags. Most enticing. I noticed them too, and lingered. She walked away, I could tell because of the inflated price.

Then another lady comes up to me and tells me that these particular tomatoes are indeed outrageously expensive, but well worth it. Because they're sweet and really taste like tomatoes . I am convinced (even though I wonder if they're genetically modififed).
I get in line with my designer tomatoes (not organic) and red grapes. Today is a red kinda day.
I see the gal who recommended them is in line behind me, and glance up and notice the ringlets girl is in front of me. She espies both our tomatoes and goes back for her own mesh bag of them. We all laugh. I hope they are each enjoying them as much as I. Take my advice: Go out today and indulge yourself.

The previous note has been an attempt to exorcise the bad feelings I have towards a real jerk who said bad things about me. (online no less! grrrr!) I've already composed several letters, but on the premise that it's too easy to hit the send button, I've decided to wait a few breaths or so.

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