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"The risks of inaction are much greater than the risks of action."

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I have not been unhappy for ten thousand years.
During the day I laugh and during the night I sleep.
My favourite cooks prepare my meals,
my body cleans and repairs itself,
and all my work goes well.

- "I Have Not Lingered In European Monosteries"
Leonard Cohen


Supercalafragilistically busy lately, but in a good way. Keep meaning to update this site to write about scintalling topics like: garage sale, how i weigh less when my scale faces south, and the like. but, alas, the sp business prevails...

Until then, visit some of the sites I like to read:
oblivio , ejshea, craig's list
diets: lose the buddha, mopie, kristi
all of these folks feel like my friends (except for craig's list of course, i'm not psycho), and it reminds me of having imaginary friends, only they're kind of real, know what I mean?

Happy St-Patrick's Day!


For Valentine's Day we stuffed ourselves at a buffet brunch at the Fairmont. It was a feast, and included a chocolate fountain, replete with skewers and fresh fruit. The zits and rolls seem to have magically appeared since then.

icy river

Dreamed of crossing an icy river. My best friend from high-school was there and she had on hiking boots and a long dress. She stepped in and made it across. I had on delicate shoes, very pretty. One foot stepped in and got wet. After that I skimmed across the surface. This is a picture of a barge on Long-Island I found after googling for icy river. Modified of course.


I am back. The mosquito bites have nearly faded away, and I finally got some photos developed, some of which are featured on my screensaver desktop, including a jpg of Janet Jackson's bare breast.


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