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I'm considering returning to keeping this site up-to-date the old way -- via text. Why? It's a heck of a lot simpler. No searching for the uber-graphic that will best display my specific whim of the day. No tinkering with said graphic until I feel free of copyright worries. [appropriation strategies notwithstanding] BUT chiefly, because of an article about internet romance I read recently , which chronicles the tale of how these two [brilliant] folks met each other.
It's no wonder they fell in love really -- their websites like each other.

hers | {openbrackets
his | Textism

But, I digress. The other reason would be speed. However, if I haven't updated this in 5 days, I'll have to re-think this.

How could I forget! Valentine's day is upon us. I have to revoke above statement.