walk light

Someone I used to know walked by me on the street last night. He doesn't say hello, smile or acknowledge us in even the most minute fashion. At first I thought it was a wraith, an apparation, a flashback even. But no, later on this same chap strolls into the exact same café my pals and I are sipping our cappuccinos.

Well, he's forced to say hello now, but in a simpering sickly way [btw, no romantic stuff here ]. I thought to myself ( as I politely enquire if he'd moved back from LA or was he just deigning to visit us mere mortals here in dullsville) "you stuck-up prig!" [These uncharitable thoughts don't leave my lips though, of course]

At least if you were a wraith, I could see why you're so distant, living in another dimension and all, but then again -- maybe you are one.