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okay, now I've finally come up with an idea to write about.


I'm jealous of all these other sites. There are far too many brilliant writers/bloggers/web-artists out there and they all seem to know each other. Or at least they all interlink -- eventually. Here is a partial list:

° oblivio [thus far this is my favourite -- the errant email story is moving]
°textism (mentioned here before)
°fireland's absolutely daunting, the thought that they have so much time (evidently) [ my struggles with ]and brilliance. sigh. My only beef if that sometimes they resemble each other too much visually. But it's a tiny beef.

So I've coped with my envious thoughts by making buffy chubby. Not that this means my allegiance to the show has shifted in any way. I'm still hooked. It's probably a sign of too much time.

buffy stops buffing up
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p.s. They're taking Futurama off the air. Sign the petition to save it.