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How do you spell relief? Turns out it begins with Q.


WTF? Yesterday I was out walking on this really chic street with my semi-winter jacket slung over my shoulders because it was so warm -- so warm in fact that I was regretting lugging said jacket with me -- and this morning I wake up and it's snowing!

That's Quercetin. I forked over ridiculous amounts of dough for a natural product to reduce histamine levels because the Benadryl tablets were keeping me in a constant state of somnulence. It does seem to work (the quercetin). The hives are gradually subsiding, but not after providing me with a close call of sorts, with me waffling back and forth wondering if I should I go to the hospital or not? [I'm away, so the whole issue is complicated by travel insurance, etc coupled with my natural and healthy apprehension of hospitals] My face swelled up and that's not a pretty site, as Bb said after I emailed a pic. I look like "a cross between a red lobster and Renee Zweilleger" (my lips were swollen too). [The photoshop image I'm trying to prepare for this looks too weird with my eyes cropped out for top-secret purposes, so you'll have to stick with this eloquent written description for now]

April is the cruelest month


Am back in the land of snow and cold weather. I exaggerate slightly, but wet flakes were visible from my window this morning. Haven't ventured out yet. That's the trouble with living somewhere like Lotusland. The cherry blossoms and magnolia trees were out for a month(!) before I left. I'd forgotten what April could be like.

...Hives. They really are a cruel infliction. Just before I left I developed a rash (allergy to running perhaps?) on my chest, it spread and now I have hives even on my face! They're not hideous bumps but my face is pretty darn red. I look like a reversed-out racoon. And as faithful fans know, I'm not that fond of the reversed-out aesthetic.


Today I spent 12 hours on the box. And this will bring the total up to 12.25 or thereabouts. Might as well squeeze in a few more moments out of my collapsing shoulder and soon to be hunchback frame to bring my readers some tales of lust and woe.

No actually, I was at an opening (I remember when I lived in Mtl, and everyone called it a vernissage, and how lovely a word that is to use - opening sounds so drab, like a car dealership sale or something), but anyhoo, I was at an opening and bumped into a nifty artist I know who's more hyper than me, and after conversing for a while I confessed that I was, wait for it, "the happiest I've ever been". Ta da.

ain't she sweet

My "blog crush" has had his heart tugged by a young barista who turns out to have a boyfriend. The question is, is this a real story, or just one where the ending sounds good? Either way, the moral of the story is, when there's a big age gap, blowing bubbles is probably a good metaphor as any for the distance between you.

crochet chaos theory


Crochet Chaos: Apply Here

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Dusting off the Archives


Egads! The end of February -- half way through this decade. I'm forcing myself to type something, anything at all, this drivel will do. I have no excuses for not being here, except to say I never thought of this as being a blog, or even a journal, it sort of mildy morphed into that, and now there's this pressure (interal) to post. sigh.

A comment on the Oscars: Best Dressed Presenter: Samuel L. Jackson -- He strode out looking fine.
Best Speech: Jamie Foxx -- moving. But also yey to Chris Landreth for a well said gracious speech which mentioned Canada so many times. The Canada Council, the NFB, and something else... I forget. Saw a great documentary a while back about the making of Ryan, an animated-documentary (is that pseudo-documentary?). It was brilliant. I suspect the short itself is fabulous too, but haven't seen it yet. I was quite disappointed they didn't show clips from the selection for best animated shorts, when we had to suffer through all those songs.

A comment about addiction: I saw a show about people who are addicted to online sex. It was quite compelling and one thing one of the addicts said, was that when you start surfing you don't think you'll be at it for long, and then you say to yourself "okay, just one more site". And you keep saying that all night. So the other night I realized, as the little voice inside my head was saying, "ok, just one more link", that... I'm a weight-loss blog addict.

My current favourites are : Lose the Buddha [losing weight and quitting smoking! ], ScaleWhore [losing weight, buying a condo and recovering from breakup], Kimbaleo [a seventies girl], Hello I'm Fat [funniest ] and Funnymoods [inspirational]. Of course, that's just the top 5. Maybe tomorrow I'll type the rest. One thing I noticed is they're almost all written by women, surprise, surprise. I also have a new blog crush written by a man, Bad-Seed [not a weight loss blog :( ]. Not surprisingly he mentions somewhere that most of his audience are women.

There, I've written something. Cue release from guilt.


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